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What is our purpose? Where do we come from? What is reality?

What the Bleep Do We Know!? 
takes viewers on a journey to unlock the secrets of life. Follow Amanda (Academy Award-winner Marlee Matlin), a divorced, middle-aged woman who is thrust into a world where science and spirituality converge. As her entire concept of reality is challenged, yours will be too. See for yourself why this groundbreaking movie became one of the most compelling and talked about films of the last decade.

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The real exciting news is that to celebrate the 10th anniversery of What the BLEEP we are re-releasing: What the BLEEP: Down the Rabbit Hole (the opening to which you just watched).

This long out of print DVD set now boasts 4 DVDs and 40 minutes of new BLEEP Featurettes. The Theatrical Release of Rabbit Hole (2 1/2 hours) and the massive Quantum Edition (5 hours) with mind boggling DVD programming are now back in all their paradigm blowing glory. For the penultimate Science meets Spirit discovery, take a trip Down the Rabbit Hole with us.

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Quantum Edition





Awakened WorldThe new-culture film, “WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW?” premiered in the Fall of 2004, a dynamic new catalyst for consciousness in media. Ten years later, ”What the Bleep” creator and director, William Arntz, will celebrate its worldwide anniversary at the fest with members of cast and crew Fred Alan Wolf, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente and Joe Dispensa.  Join us!


Awakening World Film Festival & Retreat

Invitations will spread worldwide to attend festivities with cast and crew, and YOU. Birthday cake for hundreds, balloons and search lights in the sky? Happy ten years, What the Bleep!

Down The Rabbit Hole - Re-Release!

To find out exactly what the BLEEP creators had in mind, and why, tune into William Arntz’s expose’ on the Rabbit Hole, where they were taking viewers, and what lay at the bottom.