Down The Rabbit Hole – Re-Release!

What the BLEEP never fit into a box. What was it? A documentary? A fictional story? A scientific animation exploration? Critics called it a Docudrama (which it wasn’t), a Hybrid (its not a Prius), and some other things which our younger viewers should possibly not hear…

So when What the BLEEP: Down the Rabbit Hole appeared in multiple forms (2 ½ hour “theatrical version”, 5 hour DVD only Quantum Edition) no one could quite get their hands on what it was. So here’s what we did – then you decide.

But before that – after the original BLEEP came up we got requests after requests for more, more, more. More information, more scientific data, more great animation… We were already sitting on 50+ hours of un-used interviews, and had animation story boards for what never got in the first film, so…

We re-interviewed all the people from the Original BLEEP. Now we had over 100+ hours of un-used interviews. We created the animated character, Dr. Quantum, that had only been alluded to in the first film, and sent him off to Flatland and the Double Slit experiment. We moved the focus of the film towards the scientific, and the science meets spirit theme and re-editted everything. The resulting theatrical version had 95% new interviews, 12 minutes of new animation, a few previously deleted Amanda scenes, and a few Amanda scenes trimmed down.

So was it a “new” movie?

But I was just getting started. Being an old programmer I pulled out the specs for DVD players and found in the Operating System that there was a random number generator, and certain basic logic switches that could be programmed. So I combined the Original and the Rabbit Hole, added a few more hours of interviews and some fancy programming and voila! A 5 hour BLEEP extravaganza, that lets the viewer program the film they are going to see. Tired of the dramatic scenes? Turn them off. Tired of interviews? Turn them off. Let the random numbers, like a 21st century I Ching, determine the viewing sequence? Turn on the Random effect. Want a quick viewing experience? Set the Rabbit Hole depth shallow and spin through the film in 15 minutes!

I don’t know what to call it, and don’t know what else to say. But isn’t that what happens Down the Rabbit Hole!?


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    • Angie Stone
      Angie Stone says:

      I have been seeking the truth about everything. This information makes sense in religion, emotions, meditations, everything.

  1. Frank
    Frank says:

    I lent the movie to a neighbor and I had to move. But I did watch it.
    In my humble opinion, This should be watched by every high school student in 10th to 12th grade so they have a real grasp on quantum


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