What A Bleepin’ Community!

Join us for our journey as we embark on a new film.

One of the best parts about being involved with creating BLEEP has been the community that evolved around it. When BLEEP was first released social networking wasn’t a household term. There was no Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or whatever other social networking site you’re using. It was good old fashioned face to face interactions! The team loved going from city to city and meeting new people, all of whom had the same questions we did. With the invention of social media we can do that and more –  now we can meet people from all over the world and we don’t even have to leave our homes! The sharing of great ideas, questions, books we love, movies and videos we love has expanded all of our minds, inspired us and increased our sense of connection to humanity.

As we embark on the creation of our next film, it will be fun to be able to share our process with you in real time! Someone asked the other day- what are you going to do in the film? Just like with the original, we’re going to let it unfold. One thing is for sure – we won’t be making another BLEEP.

Hopefully all our  friends will keep an open mind and enjoy the journey with us!

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  1. Nick
    Nick says:

    Hi, I cannot wait to see what you come up with, I just know whatever it is it will be great, and if you keep on believing in it you will get it done. I am going to watch Bleep again now I think.

  2. Vitaly Geyman
    Vitaly Geyman says:

    Hi Betsy, yes things have sure changed in the last 10 years, since the Bleep came out. Quantum physicists are pushing the boundaries with Higgs Boson going deeper down the rabbit hole. Astrophysicists are digging deeper into the origins of the Big-Bang. Biologist are cloning more and more human body parts and experimenting with the origins of life. Neuro-biologist are inventing new models for existence of consciousness. It seems that our scientific frontiers are shifting at an accelerated rate. At the same time the rate of financial inequality is also increasing. The occupy movement being the first wave of civil outrage. The Turkish up-rise followed. People are feeling less confident in the ethics and competence of our governing systems.

    What the bleep is happening ? How is it all connected ?

    Well maybe as many sages predicted we are entering into an era of accelerated consciousness. A kind of spiral of increased awareness. Where what used to take 100s of years is manifesting in months. For good and for the better we are witnessing an accelerated rate of change. Many of us feel frightened, out of control and dis empowered. Some feel excited by the prospect of the main stream systems collapsing and new consciousness emerging. The rest disassociated themselves from it all.

    So What Now ? That is where we need people like you and other brave independent media producer to tell the story how it is? To educate and inspire the young generation. To give them hope and vision.

    And now 10 years later with the power of social media and the internet this message will circulate around the globe like never before.

    I know it is a daunting task for any producers to encapsulate the truth without sounding like doom and gloom or superficial feel good. But with a brave heart and a still mind and spiritual guidance I know you can do it once again with What The Bleep: What Now !

    Blessings On Your Journey,

  3. James
    James says:

    If we apply the knowledge that is scientifically proven, then truly mankind as exist is on the verge of an evolution which will surpass all other previously perceived discoveries. If mankind perceives the physical and in that perception perceives the self, and the self is perceived as having physically defined chemical makeup of brain matter. The brain matter that exist can be altered at the atomic level to remove the receptacles which create the desire for what could be defined as destructive tendency. Likewise, on the atomic level we could create more desire receptacles which would contain the desire for more humane and positive influences on reality. We have given so much evaluation on physics and the science of physics has led us to these discoveries, the logical next step would be to alter the brain so that our own reality and our perception of reality there in would be more in tune with what we as humanity conceive as positive.

    We have created nanobots which are able to rearrange on the molecular level the make up of all matter. The science behind the concept is valid and is proven. At the moment, as far as we know, the only hold up to having this technology become more actively used is that the use of the nanobots must be controlled at the atomic level and not controlled individually. With that being said, have started creating the computational intelligent logic, which is able to be programmed and controlled at the molecular level.

    Those who have addicted personalities, are in reality being controlled by receptacles in the brain which create the desire for the addicted chemical/behavior. If altered at the molecular level the receptacles which create the desire for the chemical/behavior, then have we not created the cure for all chemical imbalances, negative emotion and illogical perception. If matter at this level is able to be logically altered from one state to another than truly have we not created the infinite ability to control even how the cells in our bodies behave.

    Point to the forehead taken. I am aware. Thank you.

  4. Kevi Littleton
    Kevi Littleton says:

    Your first film WTBDWK and the subsequent “Director’s Cut” DTRH were both awesome. I love that you took perspectives even from skeptical people such as Dr. David Albert and answered your critics points, especially in the Quantum Edition which was amazingly put together. I would love for you to address things like The Holographic Universe and The Quantum Eraser experiments, and what implications things like this may have in our “ordinary” lives. I’ve seen the Quantum edition over 50 times in it’s entirety and I still learn more each time I watch it, the information in it is so dense (Or maybe it’s ME that’s dense, ha ha!) Thank you for your wonderful work- please keep the standard of doing what you do to the best of your ability while having the maximum amount of fun you can and I am sure it will be a great ride for all of us as well. Blessings! -Kevin Littleton

  5. Mia
    Mia says:

    I have seen both What The Bleep and Down The Rabbit Hole and told everyone I knew and came in contact with they had to get the book or watch the movies. I will be doing that again with the release of the new movie. They are all a must see.

  6. Trey Scott
    Trey Scott says:

    GREAT NEWS ! Glad to hear you are growing / evolving with this content. In tears with so MUCH appreciation the last few days (so appropriate for Thanksgiving, right ?) watching the expanded 3-DVD version. SO GRATEFUL that you have made all of these interviews so accessible. Golden, really.

    So, NOW THE BL*@#EEP WHAT? Indeed, so much has changed in 8- years. Gosh, most of the Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, smart phone AP world has just become an outward manifestation of what was so self-evident to your interviewees, in terms of our inter-connectivity. Now it is manifesting, almost daily, globally.

    And how does this relate to social change on a global level (i.e.

    LOTS of juicy updates…do we really have to wait another 10-years?

    This is an invitation, more than a pleading.

    Your website is VERY tasty, delicious really, in its graphics, layout, etc. The invitation is to simply begin here.

    Last thought…the expression “rabbit hole” I think has become in our use of it, a reference to more “silo” thinking. 2-dimensional, rather than expansive, multi-dimensional. It worked 8-years ago. Not sure it is the right reference (even though I recognize it is a “brand” of sorts) for today.

    We are indeed, in a “tipping point,” a phase shift and you all have been bravely, courageously giving a voice, and images to it. This is a small voice of deep gratitude, and encouragement to continue on this course of our “quickening,” so that at minimum, there are fewer causalities, and at best, changing the world we live in for good…in our own lifetime.


    • Walt
      Walt says:

      Trey, Today is 1-1-2014.

      We ask these questions because we observe a reality that has been Engineered as “Something Normal”….Soon something very significant will occur on a global scale. The work this group has done has been responsible for an awaking of human perception far beyond there most enthusiastic expectations.

      I have witnessed, in almost every place I have looked. Random acts of violence and random acts of extreme generosity. Our work now it to ensure the Open Minds and Generous Hearts can withstand an on-slot of our opposites. I’m getting old and weak prematurely, because I have been asking these questions all my life and have been stifled and ridiculed within the scientific community in which I used to work.

      We may soon loose this virtual community and any open minded individual will be suspect of subversion to the new paradyme change. ” The website here is not responsible for my personal comments “


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