What Now from Bleep film maker William Arntz

What the BLEEP Do We Know…

It teased viewers with a new way of looking at their life and the world. It asked: What does science have to do with your life? What do peptides in your blood do to your perceptions and emotional states. What do your thoughts have to do with your reality. What, what, what. And now: Now WHAT!

Yes that’s the title of the 10 year anniversary release of the follow-up: What the BLEEP: Now WHAT!

But don’t look for BLEEP 2. It’s not a sequel in the tradition of Hollywood franchise offerings, where the sequels are simply a continuation of the same story, done in the same manner, with the same heroic outcome. We’ve moved – just as you’ve moved on. The world has moved on. What was radical then is not a big deal now. Our own personal journey, which was forefront then, has by in large been eclipsed by the journey that ALL of us, humanity, mother Earth are on now. Possibly with disastrous outcomes.

But don’t look for a doom and gloom treatise on the world’s ills either. Or a self help manual on making millions either.

What should you look for? Well — we don’t really know. I mean – What the F*** Do We Know?

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  1. Harriet Crumpton
    Harriet Crumpton says:

    William, I am interested to know what my peptides are doing in my bloodstream with the enthusiasm I feel at this very moment . I am so excited to learn of the upcoming “NOW WHAT”. Please don’t keep my peptides and my wonderful perception of life in suspense for too long. The first documentary was simply amazing and am truly awaiting the upcoming event with the anticipation of gaining further knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of our complex system. Congratulations for an excellent work of art and continued success.

  2. Vitaly Geyman
    Vitaly Geyman says:

    Agree the franchise model is soooo predictable you can certainly do better then that. We are coming to crossroads in human history where a major shift in consciousness is required. The question is with the E-conomic, E-nergy, and E-nviromental crisis all coexisting at once, can the human specie accelerate its rate of awareness to avoid a head on collision. I believe we can and one of the keys is mass education through media, through movies like What The Bleep. We have the tools, we have the knowledge , we just need a shift in consciousness to instigate a wide enough movement and political will to do what is right for the 99% .

  3. Trey Scott
    Trey Scott says:

    GREAT NEWS ! Glad to hear you are growing / evolving with this content. In tears with so MUCH appreciation the last few days (so appropriate for Thanksgiving, right ?) watching the expanded 3-DVD version. SO GRATEFUL that you have made all of these interviews so accessible. Golden, really.

    So, NOW THE BL*@#EEP WHAT? Indeed, so much has changed in 8- years. Gosh, most of the Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, smart phone AP world has just become an outward manifestation of what was so self-evident to your interviewees, in terms of our inter-connectivity. Now it is manifesting, almost daily, globally.

    And how does this relate to social change on a global level (i.e. 350.org)?

    LOTS of juicy updates…do we really have to wait another 10-years?

    This is an invitation, more than a pleading.

    Your website is VERY tasty, delicious really, in its graphics, layout, etc. The invitation is to simply begin here.

    Last thought…the expression “rabbit hole” I think has become in our use of it, a reference to more “silo” thinking. 2-dimensional, rather than expansive, multi-dimensional. It worked 8-years ago. Not sure it is the right reference (even though I recognize it is a “brand” of sorts) for today.

    We are indeed, in a “tipping point,” a phase shift and you all have been bravely, courageously giving a voice, and images to it. This is a small voice of deep gratitude, and encouragement to continue on this course of our “quickening,” so that at minimum, there are fewer causalities, and at best, changing the world we live in for good…in our own lifetime.


  4. dale
    dale says:

    “How do molecular biology, neuroimmunology and modern quantum physics combine, what are the physics of consciousness? In the first movie we asked the questions. In the next one maybe we can begin to provide some answers…”
    John Hagelin, in “What the Bleep” paraphrased

    Amen brother! My peptides dance in coherence at the thought…

  5. Barbara Mark, Ph.D.
    Barbara Mark, Ph.D. says:

    Bwill, Barbara Scanlon here; aka Barbara Mark. Loved the first film.
    Everything I know about peptides I learned from Candice Pert. I am curious to see this next film. Are you still working on it?

    Am still getting used to the idea calling you Will, but John says it is a must do.

    Hope all is fabulously well.


  6. Anthony GomezPedroso
    Anthony GomezPedroso says:

    If every change begins with awareness, every journey begins with one step forward. I am aware maybe not fully but ready to move on. I have already started my personal journey and will sure encourage everybody to begin their own.
    Now, if we talk about our journey (as We) ? That’s another issue. I would love to say that 99.0% of humans are aware and willing to embark in such journey. But most of us are trapped in our chemical neuro-peptide cocktail as well as in our disconnected world. The things that make our networking great are also hindering our ability to filter what is important and what is not. We are also rapidly losing the ability to talk to each other, be with each other, share with each other and care for each other and at the same time we all think that this will all rearrange by itself whit just our consciousness of reality. I see a great push from everywhere to isolate the individual and make him/her a slave of selfishness and self praise. Even though this has always being a constant for all world societies our “All about Me” media machinery as well as the interconnectedness is praising for instant individual gratification without concern to constructing a common ground for understanding. If a shift is needed I feel that more needs to be done and more people need to be on the same boat and same page otherwise our hope for a unified human consciousness is way far from our present time. A great question is How do we pass this to the next generation so their decisions help us walk in the next direction.

  7. Mark
    Mark says:

    Really pleased to hear the great work is continuing. Personally this has been a great journey for me that has led me to the world of NLP in order to help others.
    I would to see NLP and similar therapy covered in the new film.
    Thank you.

  8. Johnn
    Johnn says:

    What the Bleep Do We Know!? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    What gives us our feelings and emotions – indeed which comes first
    Watch/observe your thoughts they become your words = Dr Masura Emotto Words affect/effect Water in the air moisture we breathe, the substance we consume, what is looking back at us from the mirror – true programming
    Watch/observe your Words they become your Actions = Quantifiable and measurable
    Watch/observe your Actions they become your Character = Identity – personal & publicly
    Watch/observe your Character it becomes your Destiny = thoughts,words,action, character all on display – good bad or indifferent B4 our Death – shelf life expiry.

    Dr.Quantum – Wow . The Observer = Double slit experiment / Flat land.
    Dr. Norman Doidge / Dr. Mezenich = Neuroplasticity Documentary, “the Brain that changes itself ” Wow
    Dr. James Haardt- Biocybernaut Brain entrainment = conscious/ unconscious = Beta,Alfa,Theta, & Delta brain waves
    Bill Harris @ Centerpointe Research Institute CRI = Holosync
    Peter Scheele @ Learning Strategies
    British Documentary = Horizion production = Epigenetics “Ghost in your Genes” DNA – WOW

    1. Observer via Our five senses = information data via nervous system to our brains = interpreting our world
    2. Neuroscience tells us that we operate on approximately less than 2-3 % of our brain capacity in general
    3. We can live daily life, engage human drama, create great technology, repeat war/peace , enjoy beautiful things
    know our place amongst the stars /cosmos, capable of such wondrous proportions, see spectacular gaseous clouds via the hubble telescope.
    ALL THIS ON our 5 senses & 2-3% (lets be kind and say 5%) Brain capacity
    Question is ?? What is the other 95% doing, what are we not sensing. OMG – WOW.

    I LOVE “What the Bleep Do We Know!? ” & “down the Rabbit hole” & the people that made this happen.

    And what does an OBSERVER have to do with any of this ??

    Bring it on guys.
    Your great production needs to facilitated consistently into the classroom, work spaces, 6 Oçlock news – you get the picture.

    I look forward to the next production with great enthusiasm.
    Johnn Dawson – Australia


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